Thursday, October 12, 2006

Old classmates.......still good mates?

One day I received this email:

To my class mates and friends of ACS Seremban , from 1964, it has been 40 years since we started school in Standard 1 together and we still keep in touch.

40 years friendship

or is it 40 years acquaintance?

What holds us together?

What feeds the longing to keep in touch?


Maudlin sentimentality?

Memories of childhood and youth?

We have grown older

We have gone our separate ways

We are different

We are bonded only by historical ties

We have faded or fading memories of spats and arguments

Or the remembered awkwardness of being forced to sit together in class

Meeting together again after 40 years,

When the catching up, the novelty of meeting again

after so many years is over

will we have enough to talk about?

Will we want to meet together after the reunion?

The answer lies in whether

We have 40 years friendship

Or 40 years acquaintance

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